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As well as the Zodiac Bingo Hall, you will find Donaldson's Snooker just next door. With 8 full-size snooker tables,

a championship table, and 3 American pool tables, as well as amusement machines, there is no better place

for a fun-filled night in Enniskillen.

Snooker, pool & amusements

Zodiac Bingo Hall is located in the Scotch Store Building Enniskillen and contains a 400-seat bingo hall, as well as Donaldson's Snooker, where you can play snooker, pool and

a variety of amusements.

Zodiac Bingo Hall

- Slot bingo and book bingo every  

  Monday, Wednesday, Friday and  


- Full-size snooker tables

- Three American nine-ball pool tables

- Amusements and arcade games

- Open seven days a week 9am - late

Fantastic entertainment

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